who are we:
Antech is a creative design studio, offering professional interior and architectural design solutions for individuals and organizations.

We seek to improve people’s quality of life through our designs

Intech team seeks to be a leading creative design company in the field of interior and architectural design in the region.

Our design philosophy:
We rely on the design to understand the social and psychological needs of the client before the needs of space. We are keen to understand the nature of his daily life and thus turn all these data into a modern design appropriate to the wishes and requirements of the client’s psychological, social and economic

Our customers are people who believe that good design is the way to a good life
Believing in the impact of housing design and work environment design on the life of the individual socially and psychologically and even on its productivity, we have undertaken to re-define the housing environment and work environment through a new approach to design combining the creative side with the study of the behavioral aspect of man in the vacuum. This approach aims to take the design beyond the aesthetic dimension to include the human, social and psychological dimension of the place.
One of the most important features that must be available in every interior space is the vacuum in which your needs and desires are integrated to find an ideal environment to help you grow, expand and prosper in different aspects of your life.
Both living and working environment represent a healthy environment for the individual to increase his creativity and productivity and improve his relations with his family members at home and his colleagues in the work environment. In contrast to what we currently see from the negative impact of the design of houses that promoted individuality and isolation of the family from each other.
The space is a reflection of the owners, so what we see from the similarity and copy and paste in the spaces and spaces does not represent what should be the space and space of the mirror represents the life of the individual and enhance the uniqueness and excellence