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Providing the best  design solution for your space is our core business

This space could be a house , an office building or even a coffee corner
We deeply believe that good design can make your life and work better. Therefore, this became our mission

Whether in a consultation session , or a full deign service or even a site visit
we’ll be Always thinking about the best solution of a space that would make users’ life better




Maram is passionate about design and architecture . in Antakah her role is to provide creative ideas and soulutions to fit the clients needs  

As a CEO  she focuses in seeking a new business strategies  opportunities  where Antakah can grow as one of the leading offices in the region 

Working previously in Jacobs Engineeerings and other local offices brought her a valuable experience and guidance in founding  a practice that provides  work  with high international standards in local friendly settinging


Maram is also interested in sharing her knowledge by creating a valuable design content in several social media platforms 


  • Twitter
  • YouTube



Alhanouf  is a problem solver and  very foucesd  . in Antakah her role is to transform the creative ideas and soulutions to fully detailed drawings that can be excuted in reality 

As a manager of projects she focuses in daily office  operations and final project deliverables  

Her extensive experoiance in Alhamdan engineering brought her in-depth knowldege and experiance in architectural codes and standards    

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